First the butt bouncers, and now this!  

 Barry, you've got work to do son.

 Start an institute or something.  "The BW Institute of How I Can Set The World 

 If only they would listen to me.  "Why, ferchristsakes is the world not 
beating a path to my door"

 "LRs, LRs, Heed My Call! Double down on your efforts to spread the world. A 
back page mention of Doug Hamilton in Wine Spectator, (or whatever it was) is 
not sufficient.  Not Sufficient I Tell You!"

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 Old news, in one respect. I once read that Elvis' idea of fun was inviting 
friends over to his estate, issuing each of them an enormous bulldozer, and 
then having big "dinosaur battles" as they rammed them into one another until 
only one was left still running.

But as crazy as that might have been, at least the bulldozers weren't doing 
this on their own. These guys want to build robots to do the same thing, and 
given the popularity of drones it's just a matter of time before they take the 
human "pilots" out of the equation. What could go wrong with an idea like that? 

 Startup wants to raise $1.8 million to build giant fighting robots
 Startup wants to raise $1.8 million to build giant fight... The 
folks at MegaBots Inc. dream of making humongous machines: 15-foot-tall, 
15,000-pound piloted robots to be exact. And they don't want to build them

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