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 You can always count on bawee to post someone else's photo. Wasn't he the guy 
poking everyone with a stick to post something that indicated they were skilled 
in something? Today we have seen some nice work and apparently many here really 
enjoy and pursue the photographic genre. So, it appears we have some creativity 
here after all. I never doubted it. >
 It sure looks like Barry is a poser. But why do you suppose he can't learn to 
use the camera on his iPhone? He has the perfect opportunity to take some 
interesting snaps of the neighborhood and post them to the group to try and 
make himself look special. 
 Instead, he cops a photo from a Reuters photographer. Years ago I was a fan, 
and it's kind of sad to watch a guy go slowly down the tubes over the years. 
This guy seems to have zero creative talent and almost nothing to report 
anymore. Go figure.
 Rita and the family dog at the local coffee hangout.
 I don't know if I'd call her "the family dog" she looks quite beautiful in her 
leather jacket.

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