Yes, Ann, I am indulging. 

 But, does it strike anyone else as hilarious that you've got three people 
here, going through the little writing exercise this guy did as though it's a 
pilfered document from Area 51.

 Their musing run along the lines of:

 "What do you think he meant by this?"

 "I think he said this, but really means this"

 "And the "Cult Bros", I've looked into it, but I haven't found anything"

 Who wants to be on the other side of this bet: that Michael has already 
contacted this guy, trying to suss out more information about the CBs, and 
fishing out any other insights.

 And yet, others here, are the "cult obsessed?"


---In, <awoelflebater@...> wrote :


---In, <steve.sundur@...> wrote :

 Or............what you are saying, is that he isn't reacting the way, "I" 
think he should be reacting. 

 For most people who aren't obsessed with finding "cult" tendencies, his piece 
is just a reflection, a writing exercise of sorts, dealing with a piece of his 
growing up.

 Obviously, you miss this, because you are so invested in your own particular 
mindset, that you miss any nuance of what his purpose in writing this piece 
might be.

 And, of course we've seen many of examples of this, (missing nuance) on your 
part, especially over the past few month. perhaps coinciding with end of you 
technical writing gig at BB.

 Good luck with this Barry.  Try to step back, and take in a bigger picture.  
The world really is bigger than the TMO and members of this forum.

 Steve, I'm sure you have something much better to do, like de-fleaing the cat, 
than responding to or even reading bawee's mind loops here. He only 
participates to hear himself talk and to see others respond to him because 
there are only two or three people who seem to like him and his life seems to 
consist of lonely trips to his drinking venues and back "home" again. I give 
you an "A" for effort and compassion here but I think your cat needs some 
attention. Don't you hear it meowing for you?





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