I doubt you listened to the stuff he put on youtube.  This is merry 
entertainment for street-corners and parties and has nothing to do with art 
however much Curtis tries to convince himself of the contrary.

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 Might as well eat your heart out Nabby, your limited opinion about the nature 
of art does not count: 

 Curtis Blues http://artsfairfax.org/component/mtree/education/curtis-blues 
 Curtis Blues http://artsfairfax.org/component/mtree/education/curtis-blues 
Curtis Blues, a certified Arts Integration performer, was named the Blues 
Artist of the Year by the Washington DC Blues Society. His musical programs 
 View on artsfairfax.org 
 Preview by Yahoo 
Curtis Blues, a certified Arts Integration performer, was named the Blues 
Artist of the Year by the Washington DC Blues Society.

 Note that the link goes to the Arts Council of Fairfax County, Virginia. 
Curtis is a recognised artist, and you just have a bee in your bonnet. Wake up. 
I do not see why Curtis needs to change his view to support your myopic view of 
the world. I think Curtis is an artist, and I normally do not listen to blues 
music, though I have a certain fondness for Billie Holiday.


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You claim you produce art. I claim you produce noise and that your ego is out 
of control. It's not complicated.

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 It's obvious by now that you won't change

 M: You mean adapt a non native English speakers' misuse of the word for my job 
title in every organizations that books my shows? That was never on the table. 
What you need to do if you want to use English is to brush up on the 
adjectives. That let's you apply whatever personal standards you want to 
personalize a generic word like "art." For example you could say that is 
groundbreaking art or shitty art, or even life changing, mind boggling, 
awesomenest ever art. But you don't get to miss-appropriate a generic term for 
a human activity as if your taste is the definition of the word. Again, that is 
where adjectives allow you to personalize your feelings about the activity.

 N:will continue to try to convince yourself by saying, dammit: "I'm an artist, 
I'm an artist, I'm an artist, I'm an artist" forever till you pop. 


 M: Actually, just like Maharishi claimed, I didn't name myself that, this is 
how the arts groups refer to me as so people know what I do when they want to 
hire me. 


 N: Good luck with that. 


 M: Having excellent luck with that, thanks.


 N: This "discussion" has hereby ended from my side.

 M: This discussion was never open from YOUR side. We both know that.

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 What is art and what isn't always is a hot theme and will probably never end.

M: Popular among people who don't produce any. Most of my social life is with 
artists and the topic has never come up.

N: And there will always be greedy persons who try to capitalize on that word 
to make a living, happens everywhere.

M: I know those artists raking in the cash, big problem. I share your disdain 
for people trying to make a living. I mean why aren't they just eating brioche? 

I think the problem is a lack of a central control over the use of the term to 
describe this human activity. I'm thinking something along the lines of a 
re-certification course that they can pay for to use the word "art." (Patent 

 N: My statement about your music is my personal and passionate opinion after 
having seen the videos you posted.

M: Gosh Nabs, I don't know how to tell you this but... inspiring people to 
personal passionate feelings IS the goal of my art. Just say'n...

 ♫ Well Worn Blues - Curtis Blues. Listen @cdbaby 
http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/curtisblues2 Click to listen at CDBaby
 View on www.cdbaby.com http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/curtisblues2 
 Preview by Yahoo 

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 That's what Cartier-Bresson said of his work during numerous interviews. 
Ofcourse his work is artistic, he simply had other and higher ideas about what 
art is, ideas he tried to fulfill late in life, nothing of which came close to 
much of what he produced with a camera. 
 The work of Edward Steichen is wonderful and is reaching astronomical prices 
these days.
 "Calling Curtis an amateur musician is just like calling yourself a 
non-professional photographer." 
 If he makes a living from it he obviously is a professional, is's his claim 
that he creates art that piss me off. In my ears it's mostly noise and believe 
me, I like much music that by many is considered "noise" or weird Collection of 
 Again, and for the last time; Claiming to be an artist just because others are 
willing to pay for it is just foolish and comes from an ego out of control.

 M: No Nabbie, I don't say I am an artist because I make my total living from 
it, that is what makes me a professional musician. The word artist is my job 
description in the agencies who get me business as an artist on their roster of 
artists who offer serves in the arts to people who want to hire artists to 
perform art in artistic venues. 


 The ego out of control is the person who believes that his subjective opinion 
about what art he prefers should be the deciding factor in using a word that 
relates to the product created by people in the arts. You are imposing 
subjective snob standards because no one told you that you are not in charge of 
what is and is not, art.

 Consider this your notice.






 Karlheinz Stockhausen - Mittwochs-Gruß 
 Karlheinz Stockhausen - Mittwochs-Gruß 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnC-RKm12ZI Mittwoch aus Licht - Mittwochs-Gruß 
The greeting of the opera WEDNESDAY from LIGHT. The Wednesday Greeting consists 
of the electronic music from the fourth s...
 View on www.youtube.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnC-RKm12ZI 
 Preview by Yahoo 


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 Interesting that Cartier-Bresson spent a lot of time drawing and painting, 
especially after he retired from photography, so calling himself not an artist 
is rather peculiar. There are lots of photographers that think photography can 
be an art. I have always thought of it this way. Take this atmospheric 
photograph of the Flatiron Building in New York City made in 1904 by Edward 
Steichen. Just like music, painting, sculpture, photographic images can have 
compositional and tonal integrity.



 Calling Curtis an amateur musician is just like calling yourself a 
non-professional photographer. In photography as well as music there are 
amateurs who are more capable artistically than professionals, but they do not 
make their living that way. A professional has to produce consistent results 
day in and day out, they have to be reliable. Bad musicians sing and often play 
out of tune, so it is less likely they could survive professionally. 
Photography is so common place, and cameras ubiquitous today, that it is 
probably difficult for photographers with the run-of-the-mill stuff that just 
about any idiot can produce photographically today. Most people can tell the 
difference between a good musician and a bad one, but most of them cannot tell 
a good photograph from a bad one, in part because photography is a very 
mechanical profession compared to playing an instrument, which requires some 
considerable skill to be even barely competent.

 I think your criticisms of Curtis's ability is far off the mark. Perhaps you 
are discombobulated by his intellect, which is certainly more powerful than 
yours or mine. This can be very annoying if you have a strong emotional 
attachment to TM.

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 --In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <no_re...@yahoogroups.com> wrote :
You are right, different instruments obviously need different approaches to 
training. My suggestion was a hint only, to sit down and listen to one note at 
the time which should be done regardless of instrument and would benefit any 
amateur who often tries to accomplish too much too soon.

M: This is called every day of my life Nabbie. Check out Well Worn Blues and 
Love in Vain even in preview on CDBABY on my Well Worn Blues CD and you will 
see an example of what you are talking about. The start of Well Worn Blues is 
being played on a single string diddley bow on a board I made to preserve the 
tradition of single string instruments from the history of blues. 

Wont cost you a penny!

♫ Well Worn Blues - Curtis Blues. Listen @cdbaby 
 ♫ Well Worn Blues - Curtis Blues. Listen @cdbaby 
http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/curtisblues2 Click to listen at CDBaby

 View on www.cdbaby.com http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/curtisblues2
 Preview by Yahoo 


 Regarding your last question. I'm certainly producing "soulless pictures for 
money". There is no artistic merit in this whatsoever, though I do try to make 
every picture "sing", if not able to do that to some extent I would have no 
 Art in photography ? There are many but I like to mention Cartier-Bresson for 
many reasons, one being that he strongly denied that he was an artist :-)
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 Okay Nabbie, I listened to the Robert Johnson recording and to some of 
Curtis's recordings on YouTube.

 This is regarding you one note theory of music here. Granted some instruments 
tone productions can be a thing that must be practised, sounding a note on a 
violin is rather complex. But many instruments such as the piano, just about 
anyone can strike a note and it sounds the same. It is the relationships 
between the notes that make music not just one note. Beauty in a single note is 
in the eye of a beholder. Take the saxophone. This was originally intended to 
be a classical instrument, but for the most part it ended up in jazz, brass 
bands, on the popular side of the tracks. Classical saxophone playing is 
generally very smooth and mellow. While jazz players are often rather raspy in 
tone. You have to consider the style of music being played. If you consider 
'beauty of tone' as a criterion, most jazz saxophonists sound like crap next to 
a good classical player. But the classical player probably could never 
replicate the style of the jazz players. 

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