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 Now I wonder what Nabby would think of your music if David Lynch decided to 
use a cut of it in a film? ;-) 

M: That would make his head explode! Seeing Paul Maccartney playing a cigar box 
guitar recently was great. The primitive stuff still has a voice today.

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   What happened to the guy who said that the conversation was over from your 
side? I guess you are seeking some closure you haven't gotten yet. Let's see if 
I can help.
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 You claim you produce art.
 M: I claim that my music is my art. I make  living as a musical artist. 
Because you erroneously conflate this with me saying I make life changing, 
ground breaking, masterful, mind blowing, art you have contrived something to 
criticize me for beyond offering your personal opinion about a video you saw. I 
simply say that this is MY art. It is how I represent my inner life into a form 
of sound that is shared with others. The people who pay me to perform it and 
who buy my CDs like it, I acknowledge that you have weighed in that you don't 
like the videos you saw of my performance, and most people say :" Who?" 
 N: I claim you produce noise
 M: What aspect of this point do you think I have missed? I get it, you have an 
unfavorable opinion about a video you saw. Check. Message received. You seem to 
be looking for a different outcome than me recognizing your opinion. Do you 
think perhaps I might use your opinion to stop working in this field? Do you 
think with your feedback I will change my musical focus, take up the violin 
 I have enjoyed this chat as a writing prompt for considering this public job I 
do. What you don't seem to realize, as you strive to influence me with your 
opinion, is that before I ever stand in front of other people to judge my art, 
I have already spent countless hours passing the audition of my toughest 
critic, me. Any performing artist spends 99 per cent of his or her time alone 
mastering their art to their own satisfaction. I play the way I like, that is 
why I am at peace with people who don't like it. Of course I don't usually hear 
from them so this has been a bit of an opportunity for reflection and I thank 
you for that. 
 And despite your persistently curmudgeonly view of my work, I get a lot of 
positive feedback because I put on excellent shows. I work hard at it like most 
conscientious people in their jobs and I get the job done. Performing is a 
weird line of work in that your job performance review is simultaneous to you 
doing the job. But even if audiences took your POV and rejected my music, I 
would still be playing it this way. I would just not be getting paid for it! 
Like most people with a desire to express themselves through art,  I would only 
perform for myself and whatever girlfriend I was torturing with my music at the 
time. The positive or negative feedback from other people doesn't change an 
artist's need to express their inner life the way they do.
 You don't seem to understand this fact about artists. So instead you are 
caught up in a world of thinking your harsh statements should affect me in some 
way. Art doesn't come from that place you can reach with your words. It isn't 
sustained by people appreciating what an artist produces. Artists live in the 
world beyond all the rise and fall of outer opinions. Many great artists were 
only appreciate after their death, Robert Johnson included. He was not popular 
in his day. He was struggling till the day he died.
 That is one of the many reasons I devote my life to bringing the gift of the 
arts into schools. It is a gift of self expression that can infuse a life with 
meaning and beauty. So I accept your opinion, but reject your view of art as an 
elitist activity for a certain few who are deemed (who deems them again, you?) 
worthy of using the word art. You are on the wrong side of the hater fence 
Nabbie. Not about my music, you are welcome to your judgement, but about the 
concept of how the activity of producing art at any level enriches the human 
spirit. It exists way beyond the ability for you to influence. It would enrich 
your own life if you could step out of the judgmental cage of your 
greatness-or-nothing view.
 N: and that your ego is out of control. It's not complicated.
 M: Here you are just being silly and trying to be mean. It is complicated. I 
have a realistic view of where my artistic contributions fit into the history 
of my genre. Do you know who is the most humble concerning their own musical 
talent and Robert Johnson's greatness? The guy who  plays his music  every day 
with respect and wonder that such an artist might be forgotten in this 


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