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 Thanks to anartaxius for posting this and for your inspiring words Ann. I 
believe that blues gives voice to the indomitable human spirit, so it is as 
relevant today as when it was created. It has gone all over the world to shape 
modern popular music, and fills my life with meaning every day. Blues was the 
party music of its day, discussing relationships, having fun and why my 
kind-hearted woman or man, studies evil all the time!  Facing the ups and downs 
of life with the equanimity of humor. I liked how you said it: "music as real 

 Keep up the good work, Curtis. Keep singing, and playing and making music 
about life, and people and all the trouble and the joy they can get themselves 

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 Might as well eat your heart out Nabby, your limited opinion about the nature 
of art does not count: 

 Curtis Blues http://artsfairfax.org/component/mtree/education/curtis-blues 
 Curtis Blues http://artsfairfax.org/component/mtree/education/curtis-blues 
Curtis Blues, a certified Arts Integration performer, was named the Blues 
Artist of the Year by the Washington DC Blues Society. His musical programs 

 View on artsfairfax.org 
 Preview by Yahoo 

Curtis Blues, a certified Arts Integration performer, was named the Blues 
Artist of the Year by the Washington DC Blues Society.

 Note that the link goes to the Arts Council of Fairfax County, Virginia. 
Curtis is a recognised artist, and you just have a bee in your bonnet. Wake up. 
I do not see why Curtis needs to change his view to support your myopic view of 
the world. I think Curtis is an artist, and I normally do not listen to blues 
music, though I have a certain fondness for Billie Holiday.

 Cool, nice find. Curtis is, of course, an artist. Whether Nabby likes his 
music or not is Nabby's business. Nabby might hate all Blues music, not just 
Curtis'. But Curtis passionately pursues his art and this has resulted in his 
passion spilling over into many aspects of his life including his teaching and 
this is great. I also love the fact that his preferred musical genre is a sort 
of step into the past where he then becomes a sort of preserver of rare and 
beautiful things - a curator of sorts. This music is very much worth preserving 
and promoting as it speaks so much to history and the human condition. Curtis' 
preferred style of blues reveal much about life and human beings and their 
perpetual struggles as well as their small victories. Music as real life.


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