One must give you credit for not giving up, or is it an inability to face 
reality.  I never mocked street-corners quite the contrary, I believe that's 
where your entertainment belongs. Judy can defend herself when she returns, but 
she has a talent for smelling a lie when she sees one, and she caught you in 
the act more than once. She will (certainly) correct me if I'm wrong but I even 
believe she called you a compulsory serial-liar and one that would try to bend 
a story backwards 180 degrees when caugth in the act.  
 Anyways, the most clownish lie is the one you keep telling yourself.


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 Funny, you compare yourself to Robert Johnson now ?

 M: No but you were making fun of me playing in he same places and conditions 
he did.

 N: One wonders what else is wrong with you other than a oversized ego.

 M: Does one?


 Judy repeatedly call you a blatant a liar,

 M: She did indeed, it was part of her ad hominem attack instead of rational 
argument program.

 N: but you are fooling only yourself after all those years saying to yourself 
"I create art" over and over again. All others has to do is watch the videos 
you for some unknown reason and voluntarily posted on youtube, like this one 
that in 5 years has reached a surprising 506 viewers:

 M: Look at the name under the video and his commnents dimwit. It was posted by 
a proud dad whose kids were in my show. It is amazing that it got that many 
views considering the small number of friends it was intended for. Look at the 
kids engaged by music created before their father was born.

 The CNN video he refers to has a broken link. Here it is:
 Curtis Blues Busking
 Curtis Blues Busking 
Acoustic Blues preservationist Curtis Blues performs in Old Town Alexandria, VA 
to keep the blues alive.

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 Curtis Blues Pre Delta War Blues.
 Curtis Blues Pre Delta War Blues. 
Went to visit the Grandparents in old town, and ran into Curtis Blues, before 
we knew the kids were part of the band. See the CNN piece on him at the bottom 

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I doubt you listened to the stuff he put on youtube.  This is merry 
entertainment for street-corners and parties

M:Where exactly do you imagine guys like Robert Johnson performed?

 and has nothing to do with art however much Curtis tries to convince himself 
of the contrary.

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 Might as well eat your heart out Nabby, your limited opinion about the nature 
of art does not count: 

 Curtis Blues
 Curtis Blues 
Curtis Blues, a certified Arts Integration performer, was named the Blues 
Artist of the Year by the Washington DC Blues Society. His musical programs 

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Curtis Blues, a certified Arts Integration performer, was named the Blues 
Artist of the Year by the Washington DC Blues Society.

 Note that the link goes to the Arts Council of Fairfax County, Virginia. 
Curtis is a recognised artist, and you just have a bee in your bonnet. Wake up. 
I do not see why Curtis needs to change his view to support your myopic view of 
the world. I think Curtis is an artist, and I normally do not listen to blues 
music, though I have a certain fondness for Billie Holiday.


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You claim you produce art. I claim you produce noise and that your ego is out 
of control. It's not complicated.

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 ---In, <> wrote :

 It's obvious by now that you won't change

 M: You mean adapt a non native English speakers' misuse of the word for my job 
title in every organizations that books my shows? That was never on the table. 
What you need to do if you want to use English is to brush up on the 
adjectives. That let's you apply whatever personal standards you want to 
personalize a generic word like "art." For example you could say that is 
groundbreaking art or shitty art, or even life changing, mind boggling, 
awesomenest ever art. But you don't get to miss-appropriate a generic term for 
a human activity as if your taste is the definition of the word. Again, that is 
where adjectives allow you to personalize your feelings about the activity.

 N:will continue to try to convince yourself by saying, dammit: "I'm an artist, 
I'm an artist, I'm an artist, I'm an artist" forever till you pop. 


 M: Actually, just like Maharishi claimed, I didn't name myself that, this is 
how the arts groups refer to me as so people know what I do when they want to 
hire me. 


 N: Good luck with that. 


 M: Having excellent luck with that, thanks.


 N: This "discussion" has hereby ended from my side.

 M: This discussion was never open from YOUR side. We both know that.

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 What is art and what isn't always is a hot theme and will probably never end.

M: Popular among people who don't produce any. Most of my social life is with 
artists and the topic has never come up.

N: And there will always be greedy persons who try to capitalize on that word 
to make a living, happens everywhere.

M: I know those artists raking in the cash, big problem. I share your disdain 
for people trying to make a living. I mean why aren't they just eating brioche? 

I think the problem is a lack of a central control over the use of the term to 
describe this human activity. I'm thinking something along the lines of a 
re-certification course that they can pay for to use the word "art." (Patent 

 N: My statement about your music is my personal and passionate opinion after 
having seen the videos you posted.

M: Gosh Nabs, I don't know how to tell you this but... inspiring people to 
personal passionate feelings IS the goal of my art. Just say'n...
 ♫ Well Worn Blues - Curtis Blues. Listen @cdbaby Click to listen at CDBaby

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 That's what Cartier-Bresson said of his work during numerous interviews. 
Ofcourse his work is artistic, he simply had other and higher ideas about what 
art is, ideas he tried to fulfill late in life, nothing of which came close to 
much of what he produced with a camera.
 The work of Edward Steichen is wonderful and is reaching astronomical prices 
these days.
 "Calling Curtis an amateur musician is just like calling yourself a 
non-professional photographer." 
 If he makes a living from it he obviously is a professional, is's his claim 
that he creates art that piss me off. In my ears it's mostly noise and believe 
me, I like much music that by many is considered "noise" or weird Collection of 
 Again, and for the last time; Claiming to be an artist just because others are 
willing to pay for it is just foolish and comes from an ego out of control.

 M: No Nabbie, I don't say I am an artist because I make my total living from 
it, that is what makes me a professional musician. The word artist is my job 
description in the agencies who get me business as an artist on their roster of 
artists who offer serves in the arts to people who want to hire artists to 
perform art in artistic venues. 


 The ego out of control is the person who believes that his subjective opinion 
about what art he prefers should be the deciding factor in using a word that 
relates to the product created by people in the arts. You are imposing 
subjective snob standards because no one told you that you are not in charge of 
what is and is not, art.

 Consider this your notice.






 Karlheinz Stockhausen - Mittwochs-Gruß
 Karlheinz Stockhausen - Mittwochs-Gruß Mittwoch aus Licht - Mittwochs-Gruß 
The greeting of the opera WEDNESDAY from LIGHT. The Wednesday Greeting consists 
of the electronic music from the fourth s...

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