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 Scrooges do Halloween too, eh?

Geeze, with all the sugar in all the products out there, it would be hard to 
claim that Halloween candy has a significant impact.  What the parents allow 
the kids to eat all year long...there's your significance.

Meanwhile, I just came home with 100 bucks worth.  I give each kid about a 
dollar's worth.  

Sue me.

 Good for you. I think giving out candy to trick or treaters is a great thing 
to do, kind of like adolescent beggars looking for charity and we must all do 
our part. Unfortunately we have lived in these places that are 5 or 10 acres 
with very long driveways in the middle of nowhere so we don't get anyone coming 
to the house. Shame, 'cause I always loved to see the different costumes, 
especially on the little kids.

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