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 I've bought some packages of chocolate candies earlier this week.  So, I'm 
ready for the kids to visit the house.  We'll find out tomorrow night.

 What happens if you don't give them a treat, do they still egg your house or 

 When I lived in England back in 1969-1973 no one recognized Halloween. This 
was highly discouraging and disappointing for me as I was still of trick or 
treating age at the time. But have things changed at all there in terms of 
observing this wonderfully perverse trick or treating tradition?

 Toy shops try and ramp up the enthusiasm and kids do like it but you hardly 
ever see people going door to door, maybe just round their friends.

 Looking at my FB page it seems to be much more an adult thing, unless some of 
the girls I know have lost the knack of putting on their make up. As if we need 
another excuse to get drunk! But most of us think it's another commercial  
invasion from the US, and one that ignores the real reason for the holiday at 
that, but if I had kids myself they'd get to have a costume and a party if they 
wanted it though, and probably a bonfire as I really like those.

 My favourite bit of the whole thing is The Simpsons Halloween specials they're 
showing on TV every night.

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