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Pays better, too.
/There is NOTHING nuttier than to give $10,000 just to watch a guy calling himself "The Zen Master Rama" slowly lift up off of a sofa in the middle of the desert in front of 200 drug-crazed hippies.
And, there is the added benefit that when you tell people what you do for a living, when you walk away as an artist they're not snickering at you behind your back, saying, "Could you *believe* that idiot? He actually believes that he's a 'Certified Governor' of something he calls the 'Age of Enlightenment'. What a nut job."

Then again, even being snickered at as a 'Certified Governor' is better than the uncontrollable laughter you'd hear behind you if you had told them you were a 'Raja' of the 'Global Country of Enlightenment." Possibly the ONLY thing Maharishi excelled at was creating the dumbest job titles in human history. :-)

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