I kinda figured that "Mr. Enlightened and SO Not Attached" wouldn't be able to 
resist that one. Guess I was right. :-)

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My real name (Barry Wright)
has been known here since the first day I posted on
FFL. To my relief, when I Google it I can find only
one photo of myself among the hundreds that show up
(largely because my real name also happens to be the
name of a large racing car company). The one that
shows up is a small "face shot" from the photo I
originally posted of myself on FFL, the one taken on
top of the Cathedral of Notre Dame, with me surrounded
by gargoyles. Anyone who claims to have found any
other photo of me (except here on FFL) is lying. 
>Your face is
probably all over your Facebook page, Barry.LoL!
>So you don't
know how to take a "selfie" with an iPhone - that's nothing
to be ashamed about, Barry.
>I do write for publication under a
number of pseudonyms, and so far cannot find a photo
of myself associated with *any* of them, which I
consider a badge of success. I certainly don't want
the people who stalk me here (Richard Williams, Jim
Flanegin, Ann, and Steve) to be able to also stalk me
under any of my publication pseudonyms. 
>Who would care
about what you do for a living? 
>In fact, you got outed on FFL by Vaj and Judy and
you've outed several people, me and Judy included.You
are in a very deep cognitive dissonance. .
>Speaking of stalking, >
>In fact Barry
stalked me over here from Google Groups. Go figure.
>and photos, I just scrolled
through the first few dozen pageloads of photos posted
to Fairfield Life over the years, and to my surprise
there seem to be dozens of photos there of Fred Lenz -
Rama. ALL of them were posted by one of the people
stalking me, Richard Williams, and not one of them by
me. There are actually more photos of Rama posted
there than there are of *him*, which says a lot about
the extent of his obsession with me, given his
narcissism and how many photos of himself he posts. 
>There are no of
Rama photos uploaded to Yahoo FFL photos - they are just
links to Google images that you posted to your Rama website.
>I guess some people just have so
little going on in their own lives that they have to
obsess on the lives of the people they stalk. I guess
I should have figured this when he started posting
photos of "going to Costco" as if that was the high
point of his month...  :-)
>Yeah, Wright.

Now this is funny. bawee is worried about those he dislikes "stalking" him. As 
if we don't get more than enough of him here at FFL. LOL
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