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yoohoo, I'm still here though still limited to public computers. My new one is arriving today and hopefully will be up and running tomorrow. Have fun!

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Yeah I'm askin' -- so what? I can't keep these goofy-assed fake names straight and I'm too lazy to make a list of real names by scrounging the posts here. I think one person can have several names -- pisses me off no end.

If they've been already "outted" on FFL....then why not put it here for all to easily find? Permission schmerission.....if the name is already known, then why do I have to work to get it? Give it to me, and I'll even repost this thread from time to time and let everyone add to it.

I use my real name, so hey, sucks to be you private types, but I mean no threat. If the bill collectors, past wives, cuckolded husbands, and tax man are after you along with the FBI and Mafia, well, of course I understand your need.


It isn't really in the spirit of the internet to use your real name, the idea is that you can project the image you want and even hide what sex and age you are. It's a meeting of minds doncha know.

But as it means so much to you: My real name is Professor Regius Chronotis, or Reg for short. Here's some details:

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Salyavin was a Time Lord sentenced to be held on Shada, the prison planet of his people. He escaped and lived on Earth as Professor Chronotis. Salyavin lived over...
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