I was adopted, and my biological mother, of English and German descent, 
revealed nothing about my biological father. Thanks to DNA testing and a 
paternal haplogroup that occurs almost exclusively in one ethnic group, I now 
know that I'm the result of a New York Jew knocking up a shiksa. 

I'm also 2.9% Neanderthal, which is near the high end of Neanderthal genetic 
content. And, I'm APO E4/E4, which puts me at the absolute highest risk for 
Alzheimer's; E4 is the original form of that allele, with the E2 and E3 forms 
having evolved later. This amuses me greatly, because for all of Fairfield's 
spiritual dogmas about evolution and being more evolved, etc., I am literally a 
less evolved human being.

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 Otherwise known as the "Where yer people hailed from" test. My brother is into 
genealogy, and figuring out our lineage. It never interested me all that much, 
even when his detective work indicated that our father's unknown original 
parents (he was an orphan, left on a doorstep in Philadelphia during the big 
flu epidemic in the 1920s) were probably from the Ukraine, and Jewish. 

More interesting to me was his latest endeavor, in which he submitted DNA 
samples to a company and got a "readout" on where his DNA (and presumably mine 
as well, since our Mom was SO not a person given to fool around) *came from* on 
the planet. The company says that it matches the samples against many thousands 
of similar samples tied primarily to geographical locations around the world, 
and then they ship you a report on what they found. 

I have no idea if it's legit. I just looked as his (and presumably my) results, 
and they sounded "right" to me:

99% European
(broken down)
54% English
28% Irish
12% Eastern Europe
05% Western Europe

Cheap entertainment...what can I say? Just posted in case anyone here gets all 
Woo Woo behind the idea of figuring out where *their* DNA comes from. The site 
is dna.ancestry.com. Not responsible. 



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