Cool. One of the locals is planning to take in the Mill Valley Film Festival. There's very little in the way of film festivals this side of the Bay. I had some friends take in Sundance one year but just to hang out as they didn't have festival tickets. They stayed at a house of a friend who lives there. Much of anything outside of this side of the Bay pretty much might as well be in New York.

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If I wind up posting less than normal during the next week (can I get a "Hallelujah, Lord from the chorus?"), it's because there seems to be a film festival in my town, only a few blocks from where I live. I think I missed it last year because I was in Paris.

Leiden International Film Festival <>

Leiden International Film Festival <>
Leiden International Film Festival

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There are a number of interesting films on the program that I'd like to see, and may be able to if work schedules permit. The big draw, of course, is "Interstellar," Christopher Nolan's guaranteed new box office blockbuster. Given the cast and his previous work, this is probably the Big Movie of the Year, world-wide. As a result, I would imagine that all the tickets for it are already sold, and I will have to wait for the real release.

I'm also somewhat interested in "Miss Julie," "White Bird in a Blizzard," "My Old Lady," "Love Is Strange" (John Lithgow and Alfred Molina in the same lovers...that's SO a must-see), "No Man's Land," "St. Vincent," "Ida," "The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Him and Her," "Horns," "Class Enemy," and "The Salvation" (Mads Mikkelsen in a Danish Western?...another must-see). Descriptions of all of these films (and many more) are in the program at the link. If you're too lazy to look them up, well...uh...fuck you and the weasel you rode in on. :-)

A time travel flick called "The Infinite Man" is another must-see because it has what has to be described as one of the best How Can You Even *Think* Of Missing This Showing? film festival descriptions in the history of film festivals:

In this comical time travel journey, a scientist tries to plan the perfect weekend getaway with his girlfriend. Unfortunately, things go terribly wrong, and he ends up accidentally trapping himself and his girlfriend in an infinite loop. Before the film George van Hal, editor of the magazine New Scientist, will take you on a travel through time. He will explain that time travel is not only possible, but very easily done, and that we travel through time on a daily basis without even knowing it. As a nice bonus he will educate you in all the possible paradoxes a potential time traveler might encounter.

Can't miss that. :-)

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