And Maharishi has said that in response to reporters asking: "it was a title 
someone used about me and eventually it became kind of a [nick]name." 

 And yet, for many people, it seems an appropriate title, as well.


 Anoop Chandola: "What about this 'maharishi' who is with the Beatles? Is he 

 Swami Shantananda Saraswati, Shankaracharya of Jyotirmath: "Let me put it to 
you this way: He would be my first choice as my successor, but they won't allow 
it due to the caste laws."


 YYMV as to whether or not you think the guy named in Gurudev's will should 
have been named, but then you have to ask about Gurudev worthiness, as well.




---In, <curtisdeltablues@...> wrote :

 All this nonsense of taking issue with the word used by organizations who deal 
with the arts to refer to their roster reminded me a a great story Maharishi 
used to tell about how he got his title/name Maharishi.

With all the careful parsing of words around here one would expect that the man 
chosen to be their authoritative master of all things spiritual would have 
gained his title through some profound process. At the very least one would 
assume that his own guru, the man who knew his spiritual progress best, would 
have been the one to give him the title "great rishi." But you would be wrong 
because Guru Dev went to his watery grave without giving Maharishi any title at 
all. He was known as Bal Bramachari Mahesh (which basically means he who 
represses any dhoti tents) and this was how he signed his name on early papers.

But then in South India a newpaperman came up with a catchy hook for his story 
about a guy from the North who had come to the South. By Maharishi's own 
account he referred to Mahesh as "a great Maharishi from the North" and Mr. 
Marketing himself, was off and running. He assumed the name the Newspaper gave 
him, which is a spiritual title usually given by one's master, from the 
newspaper. That's right,the same guy who came up with: New Police Dog Takes a 
Bite Out of Crime" and the provocative "Aren't you 'Sari' you Forgot Your 
Wife's Birthday" gave Maharishi his most important spiritual title.

Now I wonder how the World Teacher, got his special name...


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