That was the tricky part. If they co-operate with governments, which I doubt, 
it's certainly not something advertised. BTW, the video was first posted Oct. 8 
and has since gained almost 3 mill. viewers.

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 I don't see how the ETs could work for the government and not be discovered as 
space aliens.  From the pictures shown on the video, it's obvious that the ETs 
don't look like a typical human being.  They look like the stereotypical aliens 
shown in the movies.

 Yahoo probably thought that this would be a good article to display for 

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 Strange isn't it that so many people have to become old or dying before they 
tell what they know.

 "But far more shocking -- some might say more disturbing -- was Bushman's 
claims that aliens that had traveled to Earth were out and about, working for 
the federal government. The scientist said there were 18 extraterrestrials 
working for the government. Some of them were at least 250 years old."


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 Before dying, an American scientist confesses what he knew about Area 51 and 



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