Peter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> In my direct
> experience with MMY and SSRS, their darshan is vast
> and powerful...infinite Shiva. 

An honest question and sincere point:

I am wondering what you feel from your wife's "darshan"? Or attention
on the love you have for her?

The point I am trying to get at is distinguishing what comes from
inside us, but we attribute to others, and what really comes from

Which is sort of silly when we ae discussing "infinite Shiva" -- its
all inside and outside.

But that sort of gets to the point. I find, that when focussing on a
loved one, love fills you up, and all sorts of energy dynamics can
unfold, lots of powerful stuff can happen. And one attributes it to
the other, but its really just love within oneself unfolding.

So thats the case with "ordinary folks" (not to imply your wife is

Is it (any) different with "saints"? I know that sounds like a silly
question and makes it seems I have never been in the presence of
saints and felt powerful and wonderful things. I have. But still, it
begs the question, how much is coming from them, how much is just real
inner stuff bubbleing up because we are focussed on something that
invokes love and surrender?

MMY has wonderful lectures on "you think its all coming from the
teacher, but the teahcer does nothing, it all comes from the student.
Like a resevoir does nothing, its the pipe that makes the conection.
Like a golden chain .... "

And "love comes from you, not from the one you love...."

Both quote streams are related to what i am trying to get at with the
darshan experience -- but are not 100% dead-on.

And many devotees make the (non) distinction that "here or there, in
their physiccal presence, 10,000 miles away, the guru is aways there,
full as full can be."

Has anyone figured out this "distinction" of wholeness and its
"source" in saint darshan? How much is coming from the Saint?

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