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 "What struck me because I have spent quite a bit of time around old people in 
the last few years and it seemed obvious that Maharishi was clearly suffering 
from the diminished capacity of age and very likely dementia. He was not well." 

 Um, have you ever actually spent hours at a time with each resident of a 
nursing home, as in worked there, changing diapers, serving meals, doing bed 
checks? I have, and the thing that clearly distinguishes Maharishi's response, 
from that of someone suffering from dementia, is that Maharishi, despite some 
irritability, retains his focus. The same cannot be said of nursing home 
patients, with dementia. 

 I don't think he retained any focus, it was awful to watch from my seat. He 
was rambling a lot in the last few years, and repeating himself. Not to mention 
making less sense than usual (I never thought he was much of a speaker) and his 
hands were shaking a lot too.

 The responses to this among my fellow workers at the academy were many and 
various. Denial that there was anything wrong was the principle one, beliefs 
that the amount of stress in the world has wearing him out (or similar attempts 
to fit it into the "knowledge" so that it wasn't a problem) came a close 
second. And a few were shocked but didn't say anything as any health problems 
would contradict everything he'd been telling everyone his whole life.

 I was angry, because I honestly thought that someone in his condition should 
not be allowed to appear like that in public without help or any sort of 
explanation, what were they thinking over in Vlodrop? I thought he should just 
be propped up in bed on a silk pillow with a big box of chocolates. Forced 
retirement and let the devotees run it on their own.

 This is a very compassionate statement Sal. You may very well be right about 
this. Because I have been absent from anything TM for so long I never saw any 
tapes of the elder MMY and, frankly, don't care to look them up. It might be 
hard to watch. I did see that one small segment that Curtis was talking about 
earlier though.




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