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 Has everyone blotted out the utter embarrassment of "Maharishi's last days," 
as he re-enacted Shakespeare's "King Lear," trying to badger his sycophants 
into a contest to see who could donate the most money to "erect" the most 
phallic "Maharishi Towers Of Invincibility" in his name? 


 Old people really don't GET much crazier and more senile than that...


 Couldn't sleep? Lying in bed fuming over your picture having been posted? 
Finally getting up to claw your way to the computer? Filled with so much venom 
you actually read my post, couldn't help yourself and just had to reply, the 
anger positively frothing over encompassing Jim, me, Maharishi and even King 
Lear. Can't say I mind the company you bundled me with but you have certainly 
blown any cover you thought you had (consisted of a naked twig). Oh bawee, 
maybe I should be a bit more compassionate but you just beg for it, like a 
pauper solicits a few morsels of food. (What's a 'thundertwat"? Wouldn't refer 
to a woman't genitalia would it?) Oh, this just keeps getting better and 
better. My buttons don't reside in my "twat" so try again.


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