lol - gives a whole new meaning to the expression, "knitted brow" - As for the 
penis guy, it just leaves me speechless...

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 From Lilly's The Center of the Cyclone:

 "Professor Bazett taught me this unequivocally. When he wanted to find out 
what the end organs (the sensitive endings within the skin) were, he performed 
experiments with a cold bath alternating with a hot bath to determine the 
temperature-sensitive endings in the foreskin of his penis. He marked these 
with ink, had himself circumcised and found through microscopic sectioning and 
staining techniques the end organs responsible for the sensations that he had 


 Ouch! That beats Newton who spent a night bending his eyes out of shape with 
knitting needles to try and work out how light worked as it went through the 
lens. Groundbreaking and very painful...

 Makes you wonder how many of today's scientists have the right stuff to expand 
our knowledge of the world!

 There are a few, it's all in the spirit of it. This guy did us all a favour:


 These are interesting too:


 But I was googling for the guy who got himself bitten/stung by dangerous 
arthropods to test vaccines. Utterly bonkers.

 He declared the Scolapendra (giant centipede) to be the most painful. Closely 
followed by the Asian giant hornet, which is soon to be spreading throughout 
Europe. Be afraid.

 I remember it from somewhere, but the fact that I couldn't find it hopefully 
means it was a shaggy dog story and no one was ever that stupid!

 But I don't recommend trying particle physics experiments on yourself, 
especially for people looking for cosmic consciousness. That's just going to 
get messy.

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