Good morning - A couple of observations -- First, enlightened people only think 
when they want to, or need to. That endless loop of thoughts, running mental 
energy in a circle, so common in waking state, is just about absent in an 
enlightened state. Lots of people refer to a state of grace, accompanying 
enlightenment, and this is the most significant feature of that, far fewer 
thoughts; silence, moving. So, a lot less wear and tear on the mental 
machinery. The mind as a result, tends to stay sharp and fresh, ever bathed in 
a deep, soothing silence, the arrow always all the way back on the bow. Also, 
an enlightened state brings with it, a balanced intellect, so there are not the 
stressors present. that cause dementia; the mind is not continuously trying to 
be somewhere else. It remains balanced. So, I find it highly unlikely that 
anyone enlightened, would be a candidate for dementia (no matter how much that 
might feed the wish fulfillment of others). 
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 Pardon my common sense, but all of this spinning, based on a few moments of 
videotape, strikes me as unscientific in the extreme. A bit of mental midgetry, 
imo. Might as well be speculating on the motives of Kim Kardashian, for all any 
of us knew of Maharishi during his last days.

 I agree with you. Like I said, I have not watched a tape of MMY, other than 
that cherry picked few moments by the Australian interviewer and documentary 
maker, since my days at MIU so that would have been 35+ years ago. I know that 
I have been influenced by what others here described as his mental infirmities 
and I have read their accounts of their own subjective observations of later 
tapes but have not gone to actually see them myself. However, the question 
still stands for me: Does enlightenment preclude the possibility of mental 
decay or even senility and the onset of Alzheimers? Not having been around 
elderly enlightened people I have no idea.




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