I was just emphasizing my thought that you had, indeed, written poetry in the 
past, and that you just confirmed it - that's all. The EI stuff is really 
helpful, and would benefit TMers a lot - Great idea. 

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 Fleetwood, I don't know what the asterisks mean so not sure what your message 
is. I don't think of myself as an artist. I definitely come from a 
psychological perspective, am currently reading a good book called Emotional 
Intelligence 2.0. Hoping to have some groups based on it as part of the ongoing 
mental health initiative happening with town/gown in FF.


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   Hi Share, I *thought* it was poetry that you had written, though it *has* 
been awhile...Ooops, my bad. Anyway, so many artistically minded people on here.
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 And imo, I have written some pretty cool poems here on FFL. Though not 

 New computer arrived at 3. Is with repair guy who miraculously was able to 
recover my date. Old hard drive was done for. But the HP lasted for 8 years and 
I will remember it fondly.


 Dell only charged $25 for overnight shipping! Should be back online at home 
Sat afternoon. Yay!


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 When a digital camera is exposed near the low end of the luminance, there is a 
lot of noise, very different from film, where the noise is usually equally 
distributed among the light and dark areas, but with digital the noise is in 
the dark areas most. Here is your dawn image lightened and smoothed for noise 
as much as I could make it. Probably this does not look quite like it did to 
the eye.

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 I have an old point and shoot camera - a Fujifilm Finepix S1500 - so this 
morning I was unable to resolve anything through the viewfinder, because of the 
low light, and just clicked away. This one turned out well.

 It occurred to me that nearly everyone here, on FFL, expresses themselves 
artistically, in some way - I was blown away by Sal's recently posted pictures, 
and despite everyone having a personal opinion on music - lol - Curtis is 
rocking the blues world. Barry has an on-line book, probably due for a fat 
update, noozguru does animation,  Nabs blends art into his work, as does Ann 
(I'm roping you in, with the expression, 'nature is [God's] art' ), Edg just 
posted some pre-computer, computer art he did, that, after I read how he did 
it, I was exhausted. Card is deep into drumming, as was the old, gold doctor 
Pete. Xeno peeked out a couple of photos recently. Richard's slice o' life pics 
are a unique touch. 

 If I missed anyone, it was unintentional, and probably due to, choose one: 
 [lack of coffee]
 [cult brainwashing]
 [belief in God]
 [lack of coffee] or,
 [lack of coffee]

 that reminds me...




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