DO not respond ever to such trash & they will tire of there venom  here.
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Curtis -- Nabs is just another monkey brain identification victim  spitting 
out vile chunks of paranoia, hatred, and fear, so why are you so  big on 
smacking him around?  Gotta scratch my head about the angst  you're embracing. 
 Kinda has a "hit the tar baby" feel to you started so now you 
can't quit kinda thingy.  Not that  you're not enjoying this, but just on 
the time wasted metric alone, I'm  puzzled.

Nabs ain't a gunna quit if he thinks he  can get one more word out of you 
by any means.....especially if the means are  mean.  Nabs is sick, lost, 
bereft of clarity and fucking doomed to be  Nabs forever.  Ya gotta pity this 
poor fucker.

You want me to post another trikking video so he can make fun of  that for 
a while, or do we both fly to Fairfield and kidnap and hold Alex  hostage 
until Rick bans Nabs from FFL?  

If we're going to go to all the trouble of  kidnapping Alex, we should hold 
out for a package deal -- have Rick ban  Richard Williams first, *then* 
Nabby.  Priorities,  man!

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