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 All this nonsense of taking issue with the word used by organizations who deal 
with the arts to refer to their roster reminded me a a great story Maharishi 
used to tell about how he got his title/name Maharishi. >
 Remind us of the great story of how you got the name "CurtisDeltaBlues" when 
you've never even bee to the Delta and you are a white guy in DC. Thanks.
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 M: What makes you think I haven't been to the Delta? First of all that is a 
screen name and I chose it like you chose yours. Second it refers to the music 
style I specialize in so what exactly is your beef? >
 My beef is that you made fun of Mahesh because of his name, but your name is 
every bit as humorous, even if you have been to the Delta - you went South. 
There's not much difference in "CurtisDeltaBlues" than "Great Seer of Mantras" 
- he went South. You saw the blues - he saw the mantras. It's not complicated.

M:Well if you are saying that Maharishi picked his name for marketing purposes 
like I do, then we have no argument. But we both know that the title Maharishi 
means more the the spiritual world than guy who sells mantras. It is a title of 
respect and implies that a person is in the know. All my name does is identify 
the style of music I play I didn't call me God's gift to the Delta blues. But 
if you find my screen name humorous, more power to ya. I live to entertain. One 
does not expect that the Pope got his title from a copy guy however.
 Do you think that certain races should only play certain kinds of music 
created by people in their own race? Do you believe that black people should be 
ridiculed for playing classical music created by white Europeans?  Do you know 
where all the rock you listen to came from? >
 Do you thin certain races should only have certain names in their own race? Do 
you think Indians should be ridiculed for having their own religion?

M: I don't know how that first question relates. Maharishi is a spiritual title 
with a lot of implications. He got it from a newspaper guy, not his teacher or 
even his students. I find that odd, yes. Kinda hype-y if you know what I mean. 
For the second part I believe that all religious ideas should be treated like 
we do witchcraft today by modern people. Claims like promoting oneself as a 
Maharishi should be treated like any other wacky self promotion. I am not 
pushed back by your attempt to make this a cultural issue. Most Indians I know 
feel the same way about their county's wacky superstitious beliefs that 
continues to hold back needed progress in that county. Just ask any Indian 
 Did speeding up the blues turn it white? >
 Most Indians are Caucasians just like you are.

M: The most enthusiastically racist people on earth. Just ask any South Indian.


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