Thanks Richard. I always figured we had a similar love of the blues. That is 
very cool about the Robert Johnson hotel where he recorded. His first recording 
at the Gunter Hotel at 205 East Houston Street? His second session was in 
Dallas. I would like to visit there someday as a blues pilgrimage. My Delta 
pilgrimage was a bit of a disappointment other than the Sun Studio tour and 
playing two nights on Beale Street. The music I dig left there a long time ago. 

I don't express any prejudice when I goof on Maharishi. That is way AFTER my 
experiences, not before. They are well earned just like you own opinions.

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 Claims like promoting oneself as a Maharishi >
 If MMY was really trying self-promotion with his name he could have used 
"Mahesh" as his title, which means God in Hindi. You can't get much more 
promotional than that. It is true that MMY saw mantras and taught them to you. 
You see blues songs and want to teach them to others. Both you and MMY went to 
the Delta. They are both spiritual trips. It's really not all that complicated.
 should be treated like any other wacky self promotion. >
 It's not all that different from promoting blues songs or spirituals. Everyone 
knows that blues men are mostly wacky and that most of them were very religious 
as well. Why pick on an Indian?
 I am not pushed back by your attempt to make this a cultural issue. Most 
Indians I know feel the same way about their county's wacky superstitious 
beliefs that continues to hold back needed progress in that county. Just ask 
any Indian woman.
 All I am trying to do is point out the cognitive dissonance in some of your 
statements, not a criticism of your work. It's just funny when you go all 
prejudiced. For the record, I love your singing work and you've got a nice 
 Did you know that Robert Johnson recorded all of his songs in a hotel ten 
blocks from where we live? He was a wacky religious guy, for sure, but a "Maha 
Blues Singer". In your case, you are a Great Blues Singer who also knows a lot 
of Sanskrit mantras. Now that's wacky!

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