always the expert, Michael.  

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 Enlightenment AS DESCRIBED by fakir Marshy does preclude any form of mental 
infirmity - enlightenment as it ACTUALLY is - a state of seemingly expanded 
awareness defined in various ways according to who is claiming the state and 
what their experience is and what they are trying to sell seems to include 
every experience under the sun.


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 Pardon my common sense, but all of this spinning, based on a few moments of 
videotape, strikes me as unscientific in the extreme. A bit of mental midgetry, 
imo. Might as well be speculating on the motives of Kim Kardashian, for all any 
of us knew of Maharishi during his last days.

 I agree with you. Like I said, I have not watched a tape of MMY, other than 
that cherry picked few moments by the Australian interviewer and documentary 
maker, since my days at MIU so that would have been 35+ years ago.

 In that case, why do you agree with Jim? I saw Marshy deteriorate over a ten 
year period because I lived in an academy and they had the Marshy channel on 
24/7. This aint no spinning. 

 I'm probably the best informed person here, it was excrutiating to watch and 
if they really cared about him they would have pulled the plug on his TV 
appearances long before the end. That's my Ha'porth.


  I know that I have been influenced by what others here described as his 
mental infirmities and I have read their accounts of their own subjective 
observations of later tapes but have not gone to actually see them myself. 
However, the question still stands for me: Does enlightenment preclude the 
possibility of mental decay or even senility and the onset of Alzheimers? Not 
having been around elderly enlightened people I have no idea.

 Clearly, enlightenment isn't all it's cracked up to be in possibly every 
respect you can think of. It's a bit embarrassing that we all thought it was. 
The denial you hear comes from TBs who still hold it as the ultimate panacea 
they have been striving for their entire lives. Perfect health, infinite 
wisdom, eternal bliss etc and they got it all from the reesh, and then he turns 
out to be merely human after all. Like Guru Dev before him, and everyone else 
on Earth before and since. That's life.






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