I wish, I had time to read all of sal's bit here.  Is he just a rationalist, 
believing only what science has proved thus far, and dismissing what can be 
gleaned subjectively. 

 Sort of a shame I think.

 I have had intuitions or subjective insights, that have played out very well 
in the material world.

 God, I would never up the subjective means of gaining knowledge. Neva!

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 I think of believers as those who happen to believe something in any given 
moment but are just as liable to chuck that belief and move on to another 
belief given enough evidence. That is the nature of us humanoids and one that, 
no matter how much some here lament that case, will not change no matter how 
much some might think this is silliness or narrow-mindedness. Nothing remains 
static, surely you know this as a scientist of sorts.

 I disagree that believers change according to evidence, that isn't the nature 
of belief that I've seen, quite the opposite. Religious ideas are arrived out 
without evidence and they are hung on to because it defines who they are, often 
from birth. Anything rather than face the facts. The religious can be very 
sensitive. Luckily most religious beliefs are of the unprovable variety so you 
can believe what you like without fear of someone actually proving it otherwise.

 A scientist drops ideas when they have proved to be no longer relevant or 
useful as explanations, it's the price of progress. Best not to be defined by 
theories in particle physics though, that's a bit weird. And that's the trouble 
with the TMO as the theories are all testable and aren't shared by any working 
physicists that I come across in my readings. I'm often baffled by the 
hostility on here towards the idea that consciousness isn't the unified field, 
after all, it's one of the most fringe ideas you'll come across. Real career 
ending stuff.

 That's Marshy's dark legacy, he got people thinking a mere idea about the 
origin of matter is some sort of God construct rather than a way of 
understanding the behaviour of sub atomic particles. People get sensitive 
because they've been taught it's a condition of the brain, the highest human 
ideal, and the most important thing to aspire to. It's funny thing to get 
devoted to if you read a lot of physics, but it's that dichotomy that get's 
people's backs up. I mean unification as simply a concept to be discussed like 
whether or not frogs evolved before toads (and about as important) and TB's 
react as though I've raped Krishna's mother.

 That's silliness.

 Most of the rest of us fall between two stools and probably don't care too 
much either way as most beliefs don't challenge the ability to live a normal 
life - Unless you are a Jehova's Witness or something - The lesson surely, is 
not to be defined by beliefs, especially when the person you got them from 
turned out to be just another bozo on the bus...

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