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 Well, according to the NextDoor.com Halloween map there are all of three 
households offering treats on my block.  But that only accounts for people who 
are on NextDoor.com on my block and who utilized the map option. Wow, you need 
a GPS now to go trick or treating. Times sure have changed.

 No, it's just a printable map.  The porch light off works only a couple of 
kids started up the sidewalk to the door as I could tell from my videos.  
 The child confronted with the dark house and no treats.

 Believe me they had plenty of houses to go to for treats.  The demographic of 
this town is "thirty somethings with kids", so those families had treats 
available.  Can't disappoint the "Future Diabetics of America".
 Ok phew, I was losing sleep over this. I am relieved to know the little tykes 
were looked after.

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