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2: The initiation or shaktipat does not open all of the chakra 

knots, the core

channel (sushumna) is not opened and the chakras are not opened. 

Hundreds and

hundreds of hours of practice with the best Yogic techniques, even 

those not

found in books and only passed down from teacher to student, does 

not result in

the opening of chakra knots and widening of the sushumna. The 

opening and

widening of the sushumna represents exhausting lifetimes of negative 


This is viewed as very difficult to achieve or to live through, 

since ones life

would fall apart due to the excessive negative karma that ripened.

I wonder who taught you this? The two side channels, when they are brought successfully into the central channel, the avadhuti or sushumna, transform karmic prana in jnanic prana. If done correctly, there should be no reliving of all the negative karmas, as they are neutralized in the conjunction of opposites! Practice should burn off the obscurations as your progress advances.

I'm also puzzled as to how the phrase "Reiki Tummo" came to be used--Reiki being Japanese, and Tummo (gtummo) being Tibetan!

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