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 Progress is based on how much the individual is able to challenge his 
individual karma which to varying degree is resisting change. Every Teacher 
knows you can't just push a button and then all of a sudden you are alright. 
Maharishi said that inspiring stuff to inspire, not that he for a minute 
believed it was possible for everyone knowing how much internal resistence 
there can be in a student. Same With Yogananda, same with all Teachers. 
Progress is the responsebility of the individual, not the Teacher. Blaming the 
teacher just expose an immature soul.

 Given that he never said any of that, how do you know that's what he thought?

 A good teacher would make it part of the teaching.

 I think you're making excuses using things you've picked up from elsewhere, 
just like Willytex does below. It's OK, I know why you do it, you are trying to 
preserve an idea you like and excuse why it doesn't work for others while 
simultaneously giving yourself a pat on the back for being so advanced you have 
no internal resistance.

 Besides, I don't care about any of it, I do TM because I like it not because I 
believe any of the hocus pocus cosmic intelligence nonsense. I've seen and 
heard enough to be able to give a good account of what TM is and what it can do.


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  The anger and self-loathing the naysayers have is based on that. 

 It doesn't trouble you that Willytex is talking complete and utter bollocks as 
usual?  Why can't you follow your own arguments?

 Not having much progress after years of practise is based on how their brains 
are wired and general karma. 

 So the technique isn't as effective as claimed? If everyone thinks that, why 
do you get annoyed when someone points it out?

 Then they blame the teacher for their misery and end up using an internet 
forum to vent their anger. What a joke. 

 Misery? It's the people with sense of internal logical consistency I feel 
sorry for round here.
 "If you were still a devotee after all that time, striving for something you 
already had, I would honestly think that it was maybe you that had a serious 
mental condition."


 That we are already enlightened isn't Marshy's teaching, that's just Willy's 
make believe to excuse his own lack of evolution. You guys ought to own the 
knowledge and stop contradicting yourselves all the time. Steve even thinks 
that he isn't the same as me and MJ even though he doesn't believe it all 

 When was the last time a True Believer made sense round here? Go figure...

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 On 10/31/2014 5:15 PM, salyavin808 wrote:
 I was angry, because I honestly thought that someone in his condition should 
not be allowed to appear like that in public without help or any sort of 
explanation, what were they thinking over in Vlodrop? >
 Over here in the USA, your prejudice is called "ageism" and it is unlawful. 
Everyone is free tor say whatever they want, regardless of their age. The real 
question is not what were they thinking over in Vlodrop - the question is, what 
were you thinking watching Maharishi videos after twenty years of not getting 
the enlightenment? 
 You still sound angry - probably because you didn't get enlightened in 5-7 
years, or even 20. 
  If you were still a devotee after all that time, striving for something you 
already had, I would honestly think that it was maybe you that had a serious 
mental condition.

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