That's right and when Curtis vent his anger his Pitta gets so out of control 
that he looses all sense of right and wrong.  Was he ever personally involved 
in building any of Maharishi's rooms, no. But I was, and I happen to know there 
was no silk tapestry anywhere, the carpets we always got for a bargain 
somewhere and the furniture was from IKEA. It looks great from a distance and 
on tape but was cheaper to decorate than any of my own flats. 

 "According to what I've read, they didn't have indoor toilets and running hot 
and cold water up at the SBS Jyotir monestery. During one winter I read that 
they didn't even have any salt for over a month. 

 It gets so cold up there in the winter that they close the place temporarily 
and walk down to Alllahabad to enjoy some warmer weather. Go figure."

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