Yes, sort of  like assembling a crossword puzzle, of music. Art is non-linear, 
right brain expression, needing the calculation and logic, of the left brain, 
to blend it all together, using relative values of sound, or color, or stone - 
Quite a profound playground of discovery, using fairly simple tools and 
techniques.  There is also an emotional component, an imbuing of the piece, 
with the creator's (the artist's) personality, and the risk of that exposure, 
balanced against the audience's level of satisfaction. Far more profound in the 
performing arts, no doubt. 
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 I didn't suspect you would still, these days I'm happy you didn't call it your 
art :-) Yet it must take quite a lot of knowledge, patience and talent to pull 
all those different elements together and make it work the way it does. What's 
the American word again, oh yes; cudos !

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 Thanks - my interest in making music was foreshadowed by my little nine year 
old brain, figuring out that by using two tape recorders, I could crudely 
multi-track, by always playing in the background, the previous recording. 
Signal to noise ratio made it a mostly unsuccessful experiment. I called my 
virtual band, "The Green Paint Cans". Then in 8th grade (age 13), I was in a 
band (in The Philippines), called, "The 49th Parallel", which I chose because 
it sounded edgy and political, and vaguely related to the then Vietnam War (or 
as the Vietnamese called it, "The American War"...). I was lead singer, and our 
only song was, "Gloria", by Them. We had one performance. There were two twins 
in the band, both big guys, with the same brown bangs, plaid shirts, and black, 
square-framed glasses, the Gates brothers. And a bassist named John, also a big 
kid - went over to his house once, and his younger brother stepped out of the 
closet, smoking a newspaper rolled spliff, about a foot long. I am not much of 
a musician, but I absolutely enjoy diving into music, for a swim. 
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 Very nice, shows real talent ! 

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 Glad you liked it - I am waiting for my mouth to heal and not as active as 
usual, so I am pleased that my idleness found the devil's workshop. :-)

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 yes, very nice. upbeat. 
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 first song I have done in months, and I am happy with it - The title just 
refers to when I started the assembly line.

 Halloween Song (2:40) copyright Temple Dog 2014

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