I went to see Charlie Lutes in Cedar Rapids.  I wanted to see if he could 
possibly overcome all the negativity I had towards "all things esoteric" that 
had amassed since I last had attended a talk of his 27 years earlier.   

 He gave an aged-old-man-mind's-grinding-down-pure-feeble short lecture and 
then opened to questions.

I asked:  "Charlie, back in Berkeley, CA I PERSONALLY heard you say that they 
would be finding a spaceship inside of the pyramids -- a ship that Jesus used.  
When do you think they'll find it?"

He said, "I never said any such thing."

BAM -- with that he ended any and all hopes of me being a true believer again.  
It was the saddest 20 bucks I ever spent.

Fucking liar is how he ended up.

What's more instructive than that?


As for screw-head marks on Mars -- give me a break.  

I discovered the first man on Mars -- yep, I was the first to see a man on Mars 
and reported it on the Net to several sites at the time. 

Here he is -- far more real than any screw.   Upper right corner -- with 
glasses and bow tie.



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