I should have known that you have already been down this road Sal. That sounds 
like a perfectly reasonable explanation as long as you don't think about it for 
more than...
shit! There it goes.

If this is their method of communication perhaps we should trample down a 
request for them to either cure cancer or take the Kardashian family into space 
with them as a goodwill gesture

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 If you don't mind me reminding you Curtis, the post was made to Sal, not you. 
Now, please retire to where ever you came from and continue to torment those 
poor drums.

Now now, I'm sure anyone can join in on any thread they like. That's how it's 
always been anyway... 

 And besides, Curtis isn't always here so he may not know that the official 
reason the Space Brothers do crop circles is so they can let us know they're 
here but without scaring us to death by giving us any actually indisputable 
evidence. Which is the sort of perfectly reasonable explanation that he won't 
question I'm sure.


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 Yes a civilization that can make circles in crops by smooching them down in a 
pattern is really a wonder to behold isn't it?

BTW do you any other reason to jump from "we don't know how these were made" to 
"we know it was aliens" from any other source than Creme claiming it?

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 "Bit tricky to avoid the accusation of contamination here, but I live in hope 
that we find evidence of alien life somewhere though...."

 Look no further than Essex.

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