They're probably following them around just out of sight of the cameras. ;-)

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The rovers may have just found a very tiny portion of evidence that life once existed there. What if they're still living there?

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They have left evidence but we just think it is broken pottery. :-D

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I always thought it would be more likely that we found evidence of aliens in the traces they left behind when they visited.

Think about it, the solar system has been here for 4 billion years-ish and life has only appeared on Earth in any complexity in the last 500 million or so and none of the lifeforms in all that time, would have known they were looking at an alien if it landed in front of them. That sort of specialised knowledge is the preserve of humans- or other specifically intelligent entities, of which there are none on this planet and never have been on Mars - so if a wandering alien species had visited the solar system and landed on Earth or Mars in all the time they have been here it's highly unlikely we humans would have encountered them, so we are far more likely to find traces of their craft as they landed or footprints as they strolled about taking photos.

I don't think this is that though, the round bit next to the mark is nothing significant, but the cross shape I would say, is an imprint of a robot arm screw or some such. It's the most likely explanation because there just happens to be a probe from Earth built using that sort of technology right next to it!

Bit tricky to avoid the accusation of contamination here, but I live in hope that we find evidence of alien life somewhere though....

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Evidence show that it was a valve imprint of some kind that became petrified. That means millions of years ago there was a technological civilization that used this device on the surface of Mars.

This would lead to many speculations about how that civilization ended, and was it able to send spaceships here on earth for colonization.

Mars evidence of intelligent design: 'Earth-valve' found in NASA image {Report] <>

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Mars evidence of intelligent design: 'Earth-valve... <> Is there life on Mars? According to images from NASA, the latest news suggests that there is evidence of intelligent design on the Red Planet.
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