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I get it that you are trying to shut down free speech you don't like but small problem:
defamation doesn't apply to dead people.

It is the exception. From your own link: To be defamation it must be.

  * Be about an identifiable living person or company

/A FFL informant recently insinuated that I was "insane" - he could be charged with slander. I am obviously still alive and have never been diagnosed with a mental illness.

///Once a FFL informant insinuated that I was a perv. /Another informant claimed I was once in prison, which is false.

It is against the FFL rules to slander someone. They should be expelled or at least be given a warning and put on probation.///

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Statements are being made here which are not merely opinions but demonstrably false claims.

    *4. No exceptions to the rule*

Bloggers and citizen journalists are held to the exact same defamation standards as reporters who are being paid to report regularly.

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