That ship long sailed for MJ, I'm afraid.

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 Which came first: the deities or the concept of absolute and relative?
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   Read it years ago - nothing to write home about - I am more interested in 
his first book, Meditations of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in which he states very 
clearly the mantras he gave out are the names of gods, Hindu gods no less. So 
much for the meaningless sounds. The only meaningless sounds that ever issued 
forth from his lying mouth were his statements of lifelong celibacy and his 
predictions of world change from everyone doing TM.

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   There exists an early book on Maharishi which it seems few people have been 
aware of. It contains information that contradicts recent accounts of Maharishi 
early life and the early movement and shows those accounts to be very 
superficial and biased .  It involves first hand accounts from  individuals in 



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