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anyone new or old to this group would be extremely foolish to believe your bullshit because that's what it is.
/The campus baker is full of bullshit. Everyone already knows that. Why bring yourself more attention? The proof of the pudding is in the eating.//You couldn't even bake a cake without //Gina telling you what to do every step of the way.//It's not complicated./
Marshy was a liar, cheat, con artist and sexual opportunist.
/You do seem to be highly prone to suggestion and peer pressure. The question is, what were you doing in Maharishi's bedroom? Go figure./
He lived an wealthy lifestyle no question.
/You sound JELLOS - nobody forced you to live in a pod for twelve years and eat in the cafeteria after serving the President and all the faculty. You're lucky they even let you set the table, much less letting you turn on the oven. Go figure./

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should anyone be relatively new to this group it would be good to understand that at present it is full of complete fabrications about Maharishi. Stuff that is just completely manufactured with imaginative abandon, having no basis of any kind in reality. It would be a big waste of anyone time to bother to try counter it all. Do your own research before you believe anything you see here, it is almost entirely nonsense. and utterly dishonest.

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