Professor Anoop Chandola: "What about that 'maharishi' who is with the Beatles? 
Is he legitimate?" 

 Swami Shantananda Saraswati, hand-picked successor to Swami Brahmanda 
Saraswati (first Shankaracharya of Jyotirmath in 165 years): "Let me put it to 
you this way: he would be my first choice as my successor, but they won't allow 
it due to the caste laws."


 You may think that MMY was a charlatan, but Gurudev's hand-picked successor 
did not.



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 Maharishi is a title he didn't deserve. I call him Mahesh Prasad Varmint.


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 Subject: [FairfieldLife] The More Proper Pronunciation of Maharishi
 in Sanskrit it is more correctly said, 
 More properly this decidedly is Not pronounced, Mahahorsie

 Ignorant Americans and many westerners not knowing any better use a hard “s” 
which is too often flat or broad and wrong.
 The Vedic is a softer “s”.
 The Vedic 'r' is retroflex too, which is very unAmerican.
 However, the seemingly affected version that one may hear around the TM 
movement which sounds somewhat European is more correct.

 Now, as like with bija mantras and properly adjusted pronunciation it is also 
important how you use the mantra.  Yet as with the proper mantra but with 
improper pronunciation also no wonder people go crazy.  Care that you not 
mangle proper names in usage.      
 Jai Guru Dev,

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