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Re " He already had Jemima Pittman at his beck and call and Jemima was a lot better looking in a sari. ":

Ye Gods! I see that Jemima Pitman is now Raj Rajeshwari (Lady Administrator) for Great Britain. Must ask her for the saucy details next time we meet.
/What saucy details?

The only detail is that it was impossible for Judith Bourque to get past Jemima who was guarding the Maharishi's bedroom door. It would be pretty much impossible to slip past Nanda Kishore sleeping in the living room on a straw mat. Or, Magic Alex peeking over the veranda wall.
//Anyone trying to get past Jemima would have had to climb through the bathroom window and everyone knows Maharishi didn't have an indoor bathroom in his cave. //////It's not complicated.

///According to Nancy, you could could hear a pin drop at the Rishikesh yoga camp, much more so a tinkling ankle bell bracelet on a big gal scampering across the lawn in the middle of the night. //

///Work cited:

*Beyond Gurus*
by Nancy Cooke de Herrera
Blue Dolphin, 1992

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    should anyone be relatively new to this group it would be good to
    understand that at present it is full of complete fabrications
    about Maharishi. Stuff that is just completely manufactured with
    imaginative abandon, having no basis of any kind in reality. It
    would be a big waste of anyone time to bother to try counter it
    all. Do your own research before you believe anything you see
    here, it is almost entirely nonsense. and utterly dishonest.

    M: Excellent point. This link may help people trying to get the
    /This book by Judith is almost a complete fabrication.

    The truth is that the Maharishi kicked Judith out for cheating on
    him with that Swedish guy - the guy that knocked her up - when she
    was supposed to be going with Mahesh.

    So, I don't blame him for ditching her after she broke up that
    guy's marriage and wrecked his family with three kids.

    I don't understand what a little guy like Mahesh would see in a
    big gal like that anyway. He already had Jemima Pittman at his
    beck and call and Jemima was a lot better looking in a sari.

    Go figure./


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