/Thanks for the information, Lawson, but we were talking about the Elsa Dragenmark book in this thread. According to Dragenmark, after the passing of SBS, the Mahesh Yogi went to the Upper Kashi so he could meditate in a cave for awhile.//
//*The Way to Maharishi's Himalaya*
////By Elsa Dragmark//
//Privately published, 1971/
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According to James Dierke, the transformation in his school, where "Most of the students in our school have a family member who has been shot, who did the shooting, or who saw a shooting," was what led to him receiving the 2008 NASSP Middle School Principle of the Year award.


According to this San Francisco article, despite there being 9 shootings in the neighborhood of the school in the month of December 2013 alone, the school was recently found to be "the happiest school in San Francisco":


For THAT school at least, TM DID change their world.


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Read it years ago - nothing to write home about - I am more interested in his first book, Meditations of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in which he states very clearly the mantras he gave out are the names of gods, Hindu gods no less. So much for the meaningless sounds. The only meaningless sounds that ever issued forth from his lying mouth were his statements of lifelong celibacy and his predictions of world change from everyone doing TM.

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There exists an early book on Maharishi which it seems few people have been aware of. It contains information that contradicts recent accounts of Maharishi early life and the early movement and shows those accounts to be very superficial and biased . It involves first hand accounts from individuals in India.

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