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That ship long sailed for MJ, I'm afraid.

/He didn't take a ship back home after he was kicked off the MUM campus, Steve - he apparently took a Greyhound bus back home to where he belongs. Let's hope he stays there - we don't need no rebels out roaming the country and stirring up trouble like he did up in Iowa, smoking and drinking on campus when he was supposed to be meditating in his pod.
//He needs to be with his own kind. Let the authorities in SC take care of him//if he gets out of line again. //

/According to my sources, the women working to run the MUM cafeteria gave him the boot when they found out he didn't even understand how to roll dough, yet he was always trying to boss everyone around all the time. Also, they got just plain tired of his constant and redundant jibber-jabbering. Not to mention he was a clumsy oaf with the dishes he was supposed to be washing and drying. It's probably not complicated.

Apparently getting fired for incompetence still upsets him even twenty years later. Some people never get over the youthful rejection from their peers, so they go on social media to try and get help. I wonder how that self-help Kung Foo is working out for him?
The purpose of practicing the Foo is to be able to tap into the unlimited reservoir of energy and intelligence that lies within - the Chi.//Everyone already knows that. Sometimes having two beliefs both at the same time causes a cognitive dissonance. He has been complaining about how he hates the whole idea of self-improvement and motivational talks - that it was a con by the Maharishi to get his money and he fell for it, only the money the Maharishi got from him - was money he got from the Maharishi.

Go figure./

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Which came first: the deities or the concept of absolute and relative?

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    Read it years ago - nothing to write home about - I am more
    interested in his first book, Meditations of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
    in which he states very clearly the mantras he gave out are the
    names of gods, Hindu gods no less. So much for the meaningless
    sounds. The only meaningless sounds that ever issued forth from
    his lying mouth were his statements of lifelong celibacy and his
    predictions of world change from everyone doing TM.

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    There exists an early book on Maharishi which it seems few people
    have been aware of. It contains information that contradicts
    recent accounts of Maharishi early life and the early movement and
    shows those accounts to be very superficial and biased . It
    involves first hand accounts from individuals in India.

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