Am reading the just printed work _Zhang-zhung Nyangyud, the Oral Tradition from Zhang-zhung_. It is an excellent overview of this barely known yogic tradition, including their lineage of Mahasiddhas and Rishis. Not to be missed.

Zhang Zhung was the country originally in the region surrounding present day Mount Kailash, sacred abode of Shiva, holy to Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists and Bonpos. A Nyan Gyud is an oral tradition. Nyan Gyuds are the form ancient teachings as passed on across long stretches of time, consequently an entire teaching may be encapsulated in a sentence or a paragraph. It takes an oral explanantion to unravel the Nyan Gyuds content. These Nyam Gyuds were first written down in the 8th century of the common era, but were completely oral for hundred (some say thousands) of years before. This tradition has continued unbroken up to the present day.

The Zhang Zhung Nyan Gyud contains the oldest written record of the original Dzogchen or Mahasandhi teachings.

Zhang-zhung Nyangyud, the Oral Tradition from Zhang-zhung

"The original Dzogchen teachings are found equally in the old, 
unreformed Tibetan schools of the Buddhist Nyingmapas and the pre- 
Buddhist Bonpos. These teachings are substantially the same in both 
schools in terms of meaning, terminology, and practice, both 
traditions justly claiming unbroken lineages of transmission coming 
down to the present day from the 8th century, and even before. 
Moreover, both schools assert that Dzogchen did not originate in 
Tibet itself, or even in India, but in Central Asia, variously known 
as Tazik and Uddiyana. From there it was brought to India and Central 
Tibet by certain Mahasiddhas, or great adepts, where it represented 
an Upadesha, or secret oral instruction, concerning an unconditioned 
state of being and awareness beyond the Tantric process of 

In this volume will be found translations from the Tibetan of the 
Dzogchen teachings originally transmitted by the master Tapihritsa to 
his disciple Nangzher Lodpo at the Darok Lake in Zhang-zhung, or 
Northwestern Tibet, which, at that time, was still an independent 

The texts of the Zhang-zhung Nyan-gyud, first written down in the 8th 
century in the Zhang-zhung language and a century later translated by 
Ponchen Tsanpo into Tibetan, never became Termas, or hidden treasure 
texts, but represent a continuous system of oral and written 
transmission until the present time. "

Translator: John Myrdhin Reynolds
ISBN: 9994664441


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