/When SBS passed away, the Mahesh Yogi went to the Upper Kashi to meditate for awhile and then he came out of the Himalayas. When he came out of the cave in the Himalayas he looked like a yogi and sounded like a yogi. Around here, if a guy looks like a yogi and talks like a yogi, he probably is a yogi of some kind./

/Mahesh Yogi on BBC 1959//
//Mr. Varma seemed to me like a pretty benign person - he was interesting to listen to and he looked and sounded like he was authentic and sincere. //Based on the sheer force of his personality he created a world-wide spiritual movement. That's quite an accomplishment considering that when he arrived in the U.S. his entire baggage consisted of a single bed sheet rolled up in a carpet. At the Olsen's in L.A. he lived in a garden shack out back that he painted and fixed up.

Page, Jeremy; Hoyle, Ben (6 February 2008). "Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Dies a Recluse". The Times (London).

Jefferson, William (1976) Pocket Books, The Story of The Maharishi, pp 7--21/
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