Gas prices are really low now and have been for some weeks - I guarantee you 
they will rise immediately after the elections.

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Sure sounds as if *someone* has been injecting the pot. Check out Michele's 
"sparkling eyes" in the first photo below.  :-)

I almost wish we had some characters like her in politics, but I'd worry they 
might accidentally get elected....

The above cartoon is from the "Christians for Michelle Bachman" facebook page. 
It's quite amusing.

In all seriousness, I haven't been able to watch or read much of anything about 
this midterm election madness in the US because it all gives me the creeps so 
badly. It's like watching the news in Germany just before Kristalnacht. It 
appears that the entire nation has gone insane, not just obvious nut cases like 
this woman and whoever wrote this Chrisschun propaganda.

Sadly, I've been getting the same feeling reading FFL the last few days, which 
is why I've been so quiet. I find it difficult to believe that people can *BE* 
as gullible and unintelligent as jr_esq, Nabby, Buck, and Srijau, and as 
vindictive as some of the other TM TBs. 

Bhairitu's "Funny Farm Lounge" really doesn't cover it any more. Rick needs to 
order some straight jackets, because the place seems to have turned into the 
"Lifer" ward of the asylum. 

Ah, but it's all good clean fun , and you know you love it really!!


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