Agreed. Sometimes golden dust can escape even from a crook like Mason :-)

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 He certainly had the "X" factor. >
 He seemed to be on a perpetual high  - I'll take what he was having. The guy 
was just awesome!
 "Then he launched into praise for those leading his ayurveda initiative and 
the promotion of its value, holding that the fundamental strength of ayurveda 
lay in its ability to prevent illness. He was in particularly good form, his 
delivery bubbly and enthusiastic. As he glanced around him his eyes danced and 
 This was not to say he never hesitated or found himself grasping for words. 
The name he had applied to the year of 1990 for some moments eluded him, but 
after quickly referring to his notes he continued undaunted, stating that he 
perceived "an upsurge in friendliness in the world today" which he attributed 
to the practice of accessing transcendental consciousness. 
 He continued his marathon speech. He was in high spirits and in especially 
confident mood. Although his outer appearance showed his age, his strength of 
purpose and his capacity to express himself told another story. With head and 
body bobbing up and down, his toothsome, smiling face emitted hope and 
generosity. His words tumbled amidst bubbles of humour. 
 The man seemed to be on a perpetual 'high'. Was it any wonder that, on the 
strength of his personality, so many had taken to his teachings? His passion 
and optimism flowed out in seemingly endless torrents of speech. One could 
really believe that such a man would have his own universities, with numerous 
scientists and specialists working for him, and would be able to form his own 
government and even to live in his own capital. 
 He had the power, he had the charisma, he had that certain something, a 
magnetism that drew people near (Mason 350)."
 Maharishi: The Biography
 by Paul Mason
 Element Books, 1992

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