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 I'm almost tempted to drag the "My Computer" icon on my Windows machine into 
the "Recycle Bin," just to see what kind of error message Microsoft thought up 
for someone stupid enough to do that. I know that there must be one, because 
when I looked this up I found articles talking about how "My Computer" was one 
of those things you couldn't drag into the "Recycle Bin." But what's the exact 
message? Who's brave/silly enough to try, and share it with us?   :-)


 Reminds me of my first office job with a computer, a state of the art Windows 
95 desktop job with about 3mb of memory! I didn't have much of a clue about 
them and was mostly bluffing but while looking around the control panel I saw a 
section for altering the colour bits, the computer was 16 bit but there was an 
option for switching to 32 bits. What could possibly go wrong?

 I probably don't need to tell you it was a disaster. The screen just goes grey 
and that really is that - unless you can find your way round the operating 
system blindfolded. The IT guy was not happy about having to sort it out, so 
don't try that at home either!


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