IMO, NASA has obtained more artifacts and information about a past 
civilization and life on Mars either as microorganisms or other life forms.  
Most of us here are probably aware about what the chief of NASA stated several 
days ago.  He appeared to be saying that the rovers have found evidence of life 
there in the past and in the present.

 If there was an advanced civilization there millions of years ago, can we 
summarily assume that they perished?  Or, was it possible that the humanoids 
there found a way to travel from their hostile environment to earth by using 

 Also, was it possible that the humanoids there evolved into higher forms which 
enabled them to remain on the planet despite its present inhospitable 
environment and to travel to earth and elsewhere just by using their 
consciousness?  Perhaps, the light, that was recorded by the Curiosity rover on 
the landscape, was the signature of a true Martian, who was cloaked in a 
special spacesuit, or was able to transform his or her body into light.

 These are just some of the speculations that I can think of.  But, I'm sure, 
the members here have their own pet theories.

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 However one interprets this evidence, the fact remains that we have a 
situation where an advanced group of beings made this imprint on Martian soil 
that became petrified.

 If you assume that this evidence was made by ETs then, there will be many 
speculations as to where they came from, how they got there, and where they are 

 If you assume that this evidence was made by Martians then, there will be 
similar speculations as to who they were, when they flourished on the planet, 
what happened to them, and the possible existence presently of Martians in 
humanoid forms or other forms of life, such as microorganisms.

 This why I assume it was made by human technology (Hint: the bit of technology 
that took the photograph) to assume aliens exist because of something so minor 
and easily explainable would not be good reasoning. Which is probably why NASA 
didn't flag it themselves, they'd love to have evidence of alien life, just 
think what it would do for their budget requests!

 Now, if they found a giant underground city like the one in Forbidden Planet 
we would be in no doubt. But a small indentation that could have been left by 
the machine we have wandering about up there doesn't tip my scales. Keep 'em 
coming though...

 IMO, the rovers on Mars will find more evidence that life once existed on the 
planet, and that they may still be there, despite the fact that the planet's 
environment is deadly for humans here on earth.

 Replace the word "more" with the word "some" and I'll still think you are 
wrong, except about microbes or some such simple things. But even if that was 
all they found it would be the discovery of the century.

 But only if it could be proved that it started independently of life on Earth, 
the reason being is that rocks have been exchanged between Earth and Mars due 
to meteorite or cometary impacts. So life from Mars may have travelled here 
billions of years ago as a passenger inside the rocks we find from there in 
antarctica and taken hold in our warmer atmosphere after Mars cooled down and 
extinguished it there.

 We might actually be Martians! 

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 I always thought it would be more likely that we found evidence of aliens in 
the traces they left behind when they visited.

 Think about it, the solar system has been here for 4 billion years-ish and 
life has only appeared on Earth in any complexity in the last 500 million or so 
and none of the lifeforms in all that time, would have known they were looking 
at an alien if it landed in front of them. That sort of specialised knowledge 
is the preserve of humans- or other specifically intelligent entities, of which 
there are none on this planet and never have been on Mars - so if a wandering 
alien species had visited the solar system and landed on Earth or Mars in all 
the time they have been here it's highly unlikely we humans would have 
encountered them, so we are far more likely to find traces of their craft as 
they landed or footprints as they strolled about taking photos.

 I don't think this is that though, the round bit next to the mark is nothing 
significant, but the cross shape I would say, is an imprint of a robot arm 
screw or some such. It's the most likely explanation because there just happens 
to be a probe from Earth built using that sort of technology right next to it!

  Bit tricky to avoid the accusation of contamination here, but I live in hope 
that we find evidence of alien life somewhere though....


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 Evidence show that it was a valve imprint of some kind that became petrified.  
That means millions of years ago there was a technological civilization that 
used this device on the surface of Mars.

 This would lead to many speculations about how that civilization ended,  and 
was it able to send spaceships here on earth for colonization.

 Mars evidence of intelligent design: 'Earth-valve' found in NASA image 
 Mars evidence of intelligent design: 'Earth-valve...
 Is there life on Mars? According to images from NASA, the latest news suggests 
that there is evidence of intelligent design on the Red Planet.

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