I'm pretty sure he stayed much, much longer than 10 days. 



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 He kicked the kid outta her room -- >
 Get a grip, Edg - the Maharishi's visit with the Olson's in L.A. was just for 
ten days! 
 You seem to be in a clear case of cognitive dissonance: everyone knows you 
slept inside a TM Center for five years. It was good for Tina to be kicked out 
of her room so she wasn't so attached. If you had been kicked out, you might 
have gotten a life long before working for a cult for a decade and a half. Go 
 didn't never not hear about him fixing up a shack out back.
 You are mistaken. According to Helen Olson, "Maharishi, it seemed, would be 
with us from the tenth of May to the fifteenth of May. On Tuesday evening, may 
tenth,an announcement was made at the lecture hall that Maharishi would be 
staying at433 South Harvard Boulevard" (Olson 42-43). In her book "433" Helen 
describes a shack in her  garden out back where there was an old, unfinished 
children's playhouse which she offered to Maharishi as his "shrine room" for 
initiations - so they painted it and fixed it up with rugs and curtains.
 The 433 book is my source.
 When are you going to read it? You are supposed to read the book BEFORE you 
post your comments.
 Even back then, as a true believer, when I read the book, I was all like "What 
the fuck?  Take kid's room?"  
 Sounds like you are just unstressing.
 Shudda been a tell, but nope, I was polishing my blinkers and proud of it. >
 You suck as an informant.
 Work cited:
 Maharishi at 433: The Story of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's First Visit to the 
United States
 by Helena Olsen
 pp 72-73

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