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I don't have any scapegoats, and I own up to that. Besides, anyone knows that scapegoats produce sour milk.

/That's because you take responsibility for your own actions instead of blaming others.

It also helps that you remained practical, worked and got smart, saved up and raised a family, instead of wasting time moving all around from temporary job to job and wasting time in sad cafes and bars writing messages to social media. In the two decades Barry has been online he should be well-off by now and enjoying the retired life like you and me - instead of blaming some poor Hindu pundit boys for a drought.

Barry sounds depressed - now he is even losing affection for FFL. That's got to be a real bummer. Go figure./

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Richard, even on FFL, everybody has their scapegoats. Healthier, imo, to own up to that. And be the change we wanna see.

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    Actually, I'm quickly losing any affection for FFL, because its
    denizens are too insane to deal with. It stopped being "good
    clean fun" quite some time ago.
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    *Excellent, shall I pack your bags for you?*
    */The ugly truth is that Barry and Sal came for the Christians
    today. Next they'll come after the Jews. Soon they'll probably be
    coming after the gays and lesbians and then they will come after
    the cross-dressers and the trans-sexuals, or anyone else they
    don't like that doesn't agree with them.  There are no shades of
    grey with these guys. The cartoons are just warning shots./

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